Trust Deed and IVA Similarities in the UK

If you are seeking alternatives to your financial problems with the terms of Trust Deeds and IVAs, you are probably considering both options and whether they could help with your unique circumstances. You may even have done much research of your own on both the Trust Deeds and IVAs, and yet still have many unanswered concerns about them.

Although both options require very serious lawfully executed contracts between you and your lenders, they are extremely effective techniques for preventing bankruptcy and handling your debts. Here are a few more of the similarities between Trust Deeds and IVAs. You must compare them when you need a TrustDeed Calculator:

  • You must be self-employed or employed
  • You must have three or more creditors
  • You must have £175 earnings each month before financial debt payments
  • Both of them allow you to keep your home
  • They both impact your credit rating
  • They both freeze the interest and expenses so your debts don’t increase, and you have the opportunity to pay off the main capital amount owed
  • You can still hold community office, keep your job or be a company director

Therefore, in many ways they are identical products to the TrustDeed Calculator, but the variations between them are what eventually determines which one might be appropriate for you, and for which on you would qualify:

  • IVAs can be carried out by people of Wales and England, whereas only people of Scotland may take out Scottish Trust Deeds. You should be citizen for six weeks before you apply. Residents of North Ireland and Europe unfortunately have neither option available; instead, they have a court-controlled system for arranging settlements with lenders.
  • Scottish Trust Deeds last 3 years to 60 months, while IVAs last for 5 years or last two years at 60 weeks. However, it is possible for both to be prolonged under the consideration of your IP, such as in the situation that you have to perform a payment vacation during the term due to an urgent matter or expense.
  • Scottish Trust Deeds have the lowest debts level of £10,000 while IVAs need £15,000.
  • An IVA is instantly granted a ‘protected’ position on activation, which indicates lenders cannot act against you. On the other hand, Trust Deeds must have a ‘protected’ position requested by your IP in order to stop your lenders from acting against you. For some Scottish people, this implies that there is an possibility that lenders can cause  them to become insolvent, if they do not believe the facts about what is being proposed

There is no way that Trust Deeds and IVAs can be considered quick fixes, and they cannot be requested by you – your financial situation must be evaluated by the services of an experienced financial debt consultant or Bankruptcy Specialist.

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